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About Us

Wuxi Glory Plastics, more than plastic parts

Founded in 1995, Wuxi Glory Plastics was is now a leader in China’s plastic injection molding and blow molding industries; the company’s history can be traced back to the China’s reform and opening up period, growing up from a small family business to a world-class enterprise plastic parts manufacture.

The company is located in the central position of the Yangtze River delta – the most developed areas of China in terms of economy, transportation and industry. Taking a speedy train, it’s only fifty minutes from Shanghai to our company.

Our business has covered most sectors of the plastic molding industries: plastic parts, injection molding, extrusion blow molding, injection blow molding, insert molding, plastic extrusion, silicone rubber molding and related tooling & dies making services.

Our Products

cap & closure

Flip Top Cap

custom plastic parts

Dropper Bottle

insert parts

Deep Groove Ball Bearing

injection molding companies in china

Plastic Toys

Auto parts

Motor bracket

plastic mold manufacture

Plastic Molding Die

custom plastic parts

Black Box

plastic parts

Custom Silicone Parts

Our Strength


More than fifteen years of experiences in plastics molding industry, we know what is the customer’s concern and can always find a solution to tailor their special needs.

Quality First

Quality is our top priority, and we have professional QC teams in production spot and in sampling room to make records to each days production with ISO9001 standard.

Leading Cost

By take advantage of the relatively labor cost of China and our pricing strategy, we offer most competitive priced tooling & plastic product made in a quality assurance premise.


Molds building on time is always a headache for a tools maker and the molding company. Our tool part’s progress and tolerance is under surveillance to secure on time delivery.


We taking full responsibility for the tools and parts we are making, Free of all maintenance in certain period of quality assurance. Ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Why our customers choose us?

There’re a lot of big mold makers and plastic parts supplier in China, but they can’t give you the factory price! We are a medium size injection molding company, Because we are not very large, this also helps us to provide lower pricing. We do not have as many administrative costs compare to a big factory. We have our ISO9001-2008 certificate, this ensures our quality, and put us on the same level as a larger manufacturer. It is well known that Molds from China are much cheaper than USA or Europe, but plastic injection molding price can be more expensive because resin prices in China can be 50%-100% higher. However, for a low volume of 1,000-50,000 pcs custom plastic components , China can have a big advantage.

We are a medium size custom injection mold and plastic injection molding company, Because we are not very large, this also helps us to provide lower pricing. We do not have as many administrative costs compare to a big factory. We have our ISO9001-2008 certificate, This ensures our quality, and put us on the same quality level as a larger manufacturer for plastic parts. In addition, we can produce prints, paint components and do assembly in-house. this solutions can save a lot!

Most companies in China hire salespeople to contact customer, they are good in English, but do have much mold engineering experience, They will simply forward customer communications on to mold makers, send customer some holiday wishes, but will get a good commission(3-5% of the mold price, of course, the cost will be included in their quotation). Our Sales Managers assigned to your project will handle both the sales manager and project manager jobs. This is to make sure our high level of service is maintained through the whole process and the communication is most efficient.


I just wanted to say how pleased I am with your product! Your people did an excellent job and should be commended. As for Glory Plastic, I'd like to say what a pleasure it was working with you. You went above and beyond what could be expected. We look forward to working with you as long as our business go.

George Willington One happy client
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