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Injection molding service Founded in 1995, Wuxi Glory Plastics was is now a leader in China’s plastic Injection molding services Products and blow molding industries; the company’s history can be traced back to the China’s reform and opening up period, growing up from a small family business to a world-class enterprise.

The company is located in the central position of the Yangtze River delta – the most developed areas of China in terms of economy, transportation and industry. Taking a speedy train, it’s only fifty minutes from Shanghai to our company.

Our business has covered most sectors of the plastic molding industries: injection molding, extrusion blow molding, injection blow molding, insert molding, plastic extrusion, silicone rubber molding and related tooling & dies making services.

Our molded plastic products are involved in many areas of the people’s daily life: as for small items, like plastic cap/lid for food and beverage packaging, pump and sprayer for cosmetics and personal cares, pill or tablet bottle for pharmaceutical packaging; for big items, like bumpers for automobiles; inner barrel for washing machines and air conditioner and TV set shells and housings.

Custom plastic parts fabrication – “injection molding” is our core competent business, we offer one-stop complete solutions from parts design, prototyping, tooling, production to assembled product.

As for final finished products, we also provide ultrasonic welding, punching, metal inserting molding, painting including printing (pad printing & screen printing) and gold stamping, electro-plating and vacuum coating to meet every customer’s different request. 

Advantages Making Better Custom Molds and Molded Plastic Parts from Wuxi Glory Plastics


More than fifteen years of experiences in plastics molding industry, we know what is the customer’s concern and can always find a solution to tailor their special needs.

Quality First

Quality is the company’s top priority, we have professional QC teams in production spot and in sampling room to make records to each days production.

Reasonable Priced

By take advantage of the relatively labor cost of China and our pricing strategy, we offer most competitive priced tooling & plastic product made in a quality assurance premise.

On time Delivery

Molds building on time is always a headache for a tools maker and the molding company, there’re many unexpected things happen in the tooling period to make a trial shot. Every tool part’s progress and tolerance are all under our QC teams’ surveillance

Good Services

We taking full responsibility for the tools and parts we are making, Free of all maintenance in certain period of quality assurance. Ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

We have seen the demand for injection molding services keep on increasing and this is where we come in. We provide an array of injection molding services, such as an end-to-end solution that covers all your requirements from design, to manufacture and anything in between.

At Injection Molding Services, we provide high precision injection molding services to our customers. Our talented team of engineers and technicians are experienced in their respective fields; therefore you can be assured that the products produced by us will be of the highest quality.A prominent advantage of using the injection molding process is its ability to produce large quantities of small-volume, high-quality products. This makes it attractive for applications where production volumes far exceed the requirements of a traditional casting method, including.

Think about the last time you visited your local welding supply store. You probably walked in and thought to yourself, “These guys are pretty cool.” You might have even asked questions about some of their products and experienced friendly service. But let’s face it, when you visit these stores in person, they have a limited capability to generate new customers. That’s because online sales are becoming exponentially bigger, with repeat buyers and improved customer service that cuts through the noise, showing up in search rankings.

Injection molding services is the process by which a substance such as plastic, nylon or rubber is injected into a mold. There are several ways this can be done but usually the material must be melted and then injected into a mold.

Have you ever considered using injection molding services for your project? You might be wondering, “is it worth the investment?” The process of plastic production is beneficial to a number of industries, including food and pharmaceutical. With the right injection molding machine and personnel, however, plastic production can benefit any company that can handle the investment.

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