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Rubber and Silicone

rubber-silicone Vulcanized silicone rubber products have the following characteristics:
(1) the property resistant to high and low temperature: with long-term use at 200 ℃ and flexibility at -60 ℃;
(2) Electrical insulation property:
silicone rubber affords excellent dielectric property which is much higher than the general organic especially under high temperature with dielectric strength almost independent of temperature in the range of 20-200 ℃.
(3) Excellent performances of weather resistance, ozone resistance and resistance to ultraviolet radiation without crack even after long-term outdoor use. It’s generally believed that the silicone rubber can be used outdoors for more than 20 years.
(4) Excellent property of permanent deformation under high-temperature compression.
(5) Excellences include good processing performance, easy to shape, etc.; a variety of products can be made by squeezing out hot air with methods of vulcanization molding, pattern molding, extending molding and so on.  

With excellent performance and good technical and economic effect, silicone rubber products have a wide range of applications in various areas of aviation, aerospace, atomic energy, electrical implements, electronics, instrumentation, automobile, machinery, metallurgy, chemical industry, medical health and daily life.Rubber and Silicone

Rubber and Silicone

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Our company produces all kinds of specifications of different grades of vulcanized pressed and liquid silicone injection molding rubber products, such as silica gel covers, infant pacifiers, silicon rubber key-presses, slip-preventing pads, quakeproof pads, sealing ring and other series products as well as silicone rubber molds.

The application and characteristics of injection molded liquid silicone products:
They have excellent transparency, excellent tear strength, good elasticity, excellent thermal stability and weather resistance, yellowing resistance, heat aging resistance and is mainly used in the cake mold, infant pacifiers, medical catheters, injection molding craft and so on.

Rubber-silicone is a relatively new material that is patented as a low odor soft surface, used in flooring, sealants and other applications. Rubber-Silicone is a product that has been developed in rubber compound with silicate to reduce static build-up and static electricity.

Rubber-silicone is a unique material which combines rubber and silicone in one. This allows you to use your cushions on both wet and dry surfaces without losing the cushioning characteristics of the cushion itself.

Rubber-silicone is a term used to describe rubber, silicone and other silicones applied to protect surfaces from dust and stains on shoes, furniture, fabrics and other surfaces. As the rubber-silicone compounds are based on natural rubber or other similar materials, they do not react with oxygen in air and prevent oxidation of the products which makes them more durable.

Rubber-silicone is a material that combines both rubber and silicone. It’s made from rubber and silicone materials, but it’s usually fairly lightweight. This means that it can be used to make flexible items such as grips or grips for helmets.

Silicone and rubber are synthetic rubbers that have certain properties synonymous to silicone and rubber. Silicone rubber has long-lasting properties, flexible and easy to mold. Silicone offers smoothness, elasticity, flexibility and steadiness. Rubber adds toughness or resilience to silicone-rubbed parts, making them resistant to wear, tear and abrasion.

A method of applying a thin layer of dispersant on a waterborne coating to reduce the surface tension and allow it to penetrate into an unevenly porous substrate.The method allows the material to better penetrate into the substrate, compared with a brushing process.Rubber and silicone are two materials that are used in many things today, including several sports equipment. Rubber-silicone is a blend of these two functional elements. It is a combination of rubber and silicone that produces the qualities of both materials. Rubber-silicone can be molded into any shape by using heat to soften it and then molding it into its desired shape. This mix consists mostly of silicone but also includes various percentages of rubber.

The idea behind silicone covers is that the covers are made from a flexible material similar to rubber. These covers (like TouchDesigner) can bend with your phone, allowing for a more complete protection than with a hard snap-on cover. Acrylic cases, though slightly more expensive and prone to scratching, are another option for protecting your phone that allows for a more personalized look.

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