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The PET bottle now becomes a major packaging solution for the drinks due to the nature of light weight, good preservationand heat and pressure resistance.

 Many drinks especially filled after high temperature sterilization such as flavored water, fruit juice, dairy products and sports drinks choose PET bottles as their packaging. Obviously, the PET packaging container has become the king of the today’s beverage packaging.

 The traditional packaging material has gradually replaced by the PET bottle due to the advantages of less environmental pollution, low energy consumption and people nowadays paying more attention to the environmental protection. With its good heat and pressure resistanceproperty, and the PET bottle also can be a better potential packaging material to replace the PVC bottles, aluminum cans, steel cans and glass bottles…

Injection Molding

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Blow molding Blow molding: Hollow products Molding method: molding method Polyvinyl chloride: PVC Hollow blow molding is to place the tube blank obtained by extrusion or injection molding in a mold, blow compressed air into the tube blank to make it close to the cavity wall, and then cool and demold to obtain a hollow product forming method. This method can produce various plastic containers such as bottles, pots, barrels, daily necessities and children’s toys, etc.

The plastic raw materials used for hollow blow molding are polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene, linear resin, polycarbonate and so on. Among them, the consumption of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) occupies the first place. It is widely used in the packaging of food, chemical and processing liquids. Because of its good transparency and air tightness, polyvinyl chloride is widely used in the packaging of cosmetics and detergents. With the development of non-toxic polyvinyl chloride and additives, and the development of pull-up technology blow molding, the use of polyvinyl chloride containers in food packaging has increased rapidly, and has begun to be used for the packaging of beer and other carbon dioxide gas beverages. Others such as PET blow molding containers are also widely used in the production of food, beverage and daily necessities packaging containers. The use of polypropylene (PP) is also increasing year by year due to the improvement of resin modification and processing technology. Compared with ordinary PE single-layer container, the multi-layer composite container PE/PA/PE is difficult to distinguish in appearance, but the difference in performance is very large, especially in terms of oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and organic solvent barrier properties. Our company is a professional manufacturer and supporting supplier of high-quality hollow blow molding containers, providing customers with one-stop service from design, mold opening, production to product trademark printing.

Hollow articles are a great way to involve your customers in your business. The more you can promote your products or services, the better it will be for you. This article is about the hollow articles made by Wuxi Glory Plastics and its advantages to make your business active on those kind of articles.

The wuxi glory plastics team is one of the most professional and reliable manufacturers in China. Our production line has strong production and assembly capacity, which is designed to meet the needs of our customers as well as allows timely delivery.

Wuxi Glory Plastics Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that has evolved from the development of the state. It has the longest history in rubber processing, plastics processing and printing industry in China, which has been awarded “HSK” and “ISO9001:2008”, obtained ISO90001:2008 certification 2 years earlier than domestic counterparts; it is strictly committed to quality and continuously improves its production process based on its four core technologies, OMEGA PLUS, DYE PLUS and SVR.

Hollow articles have become an important part of our daily lives. Some of them are for the art lovers, others for the assembling parts and yet others for marketing purposes. Hollow articles are probably one most relevant materials in our society today when it comes to commercial flooring and other functional floors.

Hollow articles are mainly used for hollow glazing, which is jointed top and bottom to form a regular lens. Many kinds of plastic materials are available in the market now, so there’s no need to worry about the chemical stability or optical transmittance.

Hollow articles are ideal for placing in all kinds of cafes, small shops and food places. These are made using high quality polythene and have a very elegant appearance.At Wuxi Glorious Plastic Co., Ltd. we are committed to producing high-quality hollow craft articles & other moulding parts by our own R&D teams, supported by the advanced technology and quality management system.

Glory Plastics is a professional manufacturer of hollow, semi-hollow and solid articles for the food and cosmetic industries. We have a large selection of stock and custom shapes that can be manufactured to most specifications by our team of highly skilled production staff.Hollow articles are a specific type of plastic products that can be used in different kinds of industries. These include plastic bottles, lids, closures etc.

A hollow article is any article that is mostly hollow, such as a pipe or tube. The hollow part can be a discrete portion inside or outside the manufacturing or packaging materials. Hollow articles may be stressed on the inside or outside and rigid enough to tolerate normal stresses and movements.We produce a wide range of articles like hollow plastic chair, swivel office chair, office table, optical chair etc. These articles are made from high strength thermoplastic polymers using latest technology. The products are developed by our well-known engineers in the past many years, who have set up a systematic management system and quality control system .

Glory has become a very popular brand in the plastic industry and our products are proud to carry their name. Our time and resources have been spent perfecting and refining our products because we want you to find them easy, durable and strong.

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