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Our company has concentrated on the design, production, and sale of mechanical fasteners for EIFS fastener, or external insulation and finishing systems. The excellence of our goods and the benefit they provide to those working in the construction business are the foundation of our success. Our plastic anchors are the answer for anybody looking for superior-quality insulation fasteners since they are effective, reliable, and simple to use. Polystyrene insulation foam may be fastened using plastic nails in PB EIFS fastener, and they can also be used to waterproof drainage fabrics on concrete, masonry blocks, and other building materials like mineral wool. Plastic masonry fasteners are made of durable polypropylene and have the correct properties to provide you with a good mechanical attaching method that prevents thermal shorts. They are also non-conductive to cold and won’t rust or corrode.


EIFS FASTENER is a well known and trusted name in the Industry for manufacturing, supplying and exporting EIFS Accessories like EIFS Adhesive, EIFS Joint Tape, EIFS Tile Fasteners, etc. The company has been operating from last 14 years in this market and has now established itself as an eminent player along with its clients. The products manufactured by us are available online for customers all across the world.EIFS fastener is a remarkable protective product which is used in the construction industry to provide a layer of protection to the exterior walls of your home. It is made of special epoxy resin and cloth fibers so that it remains strong, flexible, and lightweight despite its thickness.

EIFS fasteners are a great way to anchor your EIFS material in place. Decorative or not, the vinyl coated galvanized bolts can be used in so many different applications for structural and non-structural needs.EIFS Fasteners are manufactured to penetrate into your substrate and provide uplift in a corner. The stainless steel fasteners may be used in concrete, block and mortar, brick and stone. These stainless steel EIFS fasteners will not rust and are suitable for exterior weather applications.EIFS is a wall covering that is popular for its ability to hold up to the elements, prevent leaks and extend the life of your house. It’s also used in commercial applications such as garage doors and sheds.

EIFS FASTENER is a patented fasteners and connectors product. The key feature of EIFS FASTENER is the unique square shape of spherical fasteners combined with the screw threads at the top side of spherical attachments differing from traditional hexagonal screws that are the most widely distributed accessories in home remodeling projects.EIFS FASTENER is a versatile and innovative product that was designed and developed to be easily applied to architectural surfaces. The product’s EIFS adhesive allows you to apply it onto any type of concrete surface ranging from brick, block, or precast panels or composite substrates.If you are searching for EIFS fastener, you have come to the right place. We provide quality and durable products at affordable prices. With us, you get free shipping and a 90-day money back guarantee in case of any dissatisfaction. We also offer free samples and express services.

EIFS, or exterior insulation façade system, is a popular and effective method of improving the aesthetics of the exterior of your home. It involves installing elements such as glass block, stone reinforcement and metal lath over an existing wall system. The most common applications involve either tile or metal lath over concrete to create an energy efficient and durable exterior for your home.EIFS is a composite material with great joint flexibility. It has durability and is lightweight. EIFS is an ideal material for cosmetic repairs to homes, including replacing damaged or missing tiles and coping.EIFS Fastener is a high quality and reliable product that can be used for fixing the EIFS on your home. The manufacturer and design team of this fastener is highly experienced, and has been manufacturing EIFS fasteners for many years.EIFS Fasteners are fasteners manufactured specifically for the EIFS industry, they can be used to hold EIFS panels in place, but also as rebar anchors.

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